Sculpture By Stephen Kishel
Bluffton, South Carolina
Phone: 843-263-6940
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Deep feelings are too abstract to put into words, and a painting can say 1000 words, so can a three dimensional sculpture say what words can not always convey? I think it can!
Price: 1800+ Shipping
With each new work we perfect our skills, yet Perfection is always beyond our reach. Creations can move above and beyond what we have already made, and never ever reach Perfection.
Price: 7000+ Shipping
Seahorse Abode
Wild horses bring to mind boundless freedom and a zest for life! Wild sea horses do this too, however they have a secret abode that makes them less visible to the world we know.
Price: 12500+ Shipping
Together Forever
This tall yellow Botanical abstract sculpture symbolizes how a couple can grow together. Each person can branch out and at the same time grow tall together. It is the attitude of gratitude that reminds us that we did not grow tall alone.
** SOLD **
A Smile Generator
This abstract is an ever changing sculpture. If Calder had made it, then it would be called both stable and mobile. I prefer to think that my mobiles are more like Joan Miro would have made if he made sculptures and mobiles. Drawing inspiration from famous artists is nothing to be ashamed of because the pursuit of greatness is about cumulative knowledge. Even Calder was inspired by Miro! Picasso was quoted saying: good artist barrow, great artist steal. I prefer to think of it not as stealing but going above and beyond as well as being grateful that they paved the road.
** SOLD **
Comfort Zone
This abstract metal sculpture represents our personal space. Some call this the three foot rule, and when someone enters uninvited you may step back or find some reason to leave. On the other hand when someone is invited it is because they have found common ground or struck a responsive cord with you.
** SOLD **
Oblivious and Absorbed
The feeling this abstract sculpture conveys is that of a person absorbed in reading a good book and oblivious to the world around them. However the imaginary book represents a persons calling in life and in order to continue down this path he or she must be totally absorbed and at the same time immune to the negative influence of even those who mean well but do not understand that the pursuit of your goal is more important than appearing normal, thus oblivious and absorbed
Price: 6500+ Shipping
Cabana Blues Botanical
This Abstract Metal Sculptures is an example of capturing the feeling or perhaps adding more feeling to an older sculpture.
When asked how long it takes to make one of my sculptures the answer is alway the same; "All my life!"
The reason is because it is like polishing metal, you might start with a 36 grit (very course) and move up to 60, 80, 120, 220 and it is smooth and shiny but not like a mirror till you progress to 2000 grit; an artist progressively learns to find his way, first in style, then in feeling and lastly in quality
** SOLD **
All You Need is Love
Commissioned for Great Plains Healthcare
This abstract Public Sculpture is one of many that I have created for Hospitals in the United States.
** SOLD **
Three Twigs
This Abstract Metal Sculpture is titled 3 twigs because while Two are better than one, because if one starts to fall the other can help; sometimes they both need help so the name tree twigs for this abstract sculpture. At times we all need help!
Availablity is usually more important than ability, however there is one source that is both and much more.
Price: 7850+ Shipping
Spiraling Images of Character
We are always growing in character, as well as years, however the growth in character makes the man or women glad for the years; it has been said youth is wasted on the young, and yet when we apply ourselves and our intelligence at our unique gifts we love every year
** SOLD **
Blue Grass Botanical
Feel the breeze, and enjoy the natural world.
If a work of art speaks to you and you can afford it, then you should buy it.
Price: 7500+ Shipping
When we change our thoughts, then our world adjusts to the changes we have already made.
The freedom of choice is much more meaningfully when your empowered by confidence that comes with practice. Decide to be happy, and then decide to be healthy, then decide to fulfill your calling and then teach someone else to reach their potential.
** SOLD **
Rings of Time One
This horizontal abstract is one of two commissioned for a large homes entryway.
Each ring symbolizes another chapter in life, some large some short, but each one connects us to friends, family and memories.
** SOLD **
A twilight Moon
Fish jump, ducks head to their nest, man rests, and the cow jumps over the moon.
Price: 1600+ Shipping
A Trio of Flowers
Human scale flowers look monumental in comparison to most flowers in our natural world.
Because I have visitors with various tastes in art I try to have something that everyone can appreciate.
Art can be based on feeling from whimsical and silly to serious and abstract. I prefer abstract metal sculptures, however I see value in making people smile, and I am glad to do my part, even if it means creating giant flowers, dolphins and an Alligator. Come visit my sculpture garden (Palmetto Oasks) in Bluffton South Carolina and you will see what I mean.
** SOLD **
Always Reach for the Clouds
If you can not remember the last time you watched the clouds, then it has been to long since you have have considered what you really really want to be doing with your life, this sculpture is titled Always Reaching for the Clouds because goals tend to grow as we grow as long as we do not get to buried in the busy day to day routine of our life
** SOLD **
Savannah Marshland
This Sculpture has been donated to the "Play for Pink" fundraiser at Colleton River Plantation. Place your bid in March of 2017.
The health of the planet is second only to our own health, or is it vice-versa. We are are all dependant on mutual health and wellness. If everyone planted a tree, gave a meal to the poor and showed a child some attention our planet would start to heal.
** SOLD **
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