When I am most successful my sculptures have the look and feel of floating forms, virtual weightlessness. Perhaps this is why I gravitate to aluminum as my preferred material, and why from childhood on, I have been especially fond of the works of Miro and Calder. I want my creations to be unique original artistic expressions that are both easy to live with as well as environmentally friendly to our planet. Aluminum fills this need, and when they are powder coated they take on a modern smooth finish, that is more durable than liquid paint and environmentally green, no solvents (VOC’s). I am not as much a perfectionist as I am an abstractionist. I understand the importance of finishing touches and small details, but these come secondary to the feeling, the work of art conveys to the viewer. I want it to be more than what meets the eye at first glance. I believe in love at first sight, but it takes more than a pretty sculpture for me to feel truly successful.

photo by Leah Frank